Genesis Pool
Genesis Pass
Rewarding loyalty with improved access to IDOs & staking rewards
To reward its most loyal investors, GPool has introduce the Genesis Pass (GPass), a reward scheme that will give increasing benefits to investors who hold and stake their GPool tokens.
There are three levels to the GPass with Gold being the highest. Automatic Gold GPasses were given to those investors joining GPool at its inception, purchasing tokens in our IDO.

The GPass will have three levels; Gold, Silver and Bronze and the benefits will be as follows:

GPass Entry Requirement

Automatic Gold GPasses were given out to those investors joining GPool at its inception and who bought the minimum token allocation, but many new investors are joining GPool and based on the recalculation at the time of writing, the investors who want to get the GPass must hold a minimum 100,000 GPool tokens.
Investors holding 100,000 GPool tokens will enter as Bronze GPass holders and will work their way up to Gold status in 100 days. 100,000 tokens will be the minimum to apply for whitelisting.
The minimum holding for new GPass members will be recalculated on a regular basis, but existing GPass holders are not subject to the recalculation if they hold their tokens.
Any recalculation will allow GPool to ensure that those members who already hold the GPass are respected and also to allow new investors to join by buying a sensible number of tokens

Priority Whitelisting

GPool’s unique approach to working with projects from an early stage will often give us enough pre-sale tokens to allow for a 1st and 2nd round of whitelisting allocations. In both of these rounds, Gold GPass holders will be given priority over Silver GPass holders and finally followed by Bronze. If a project hasn’t fully raised in Round 1, Round 2 will be opened. GPass holders will always be prioritized for the presales (both Round 1 and Round 2). Non GPass holders will only be able to take part in an IDO in Round 2 and after all the GPass holders.
Also the whitelisting for IDOs will be prioritized based on the number of GPOOL tokens investors hold. So a Gold GPass holder with the highest token holdings will always be whitelisted first.

Forfeiting the GPass

The GPass will be forfeited by any investor who sells their GPool tokens and drops below the minimum holding. Investors who rebuy later and regain the minimum holding will join at Bronze level.
Those investors given the automatic Gold GPass from investing in GPool from the start will forfeit their pass if they sell any of their Round 1 or Round 2 tokens or move them from the original wallet they were sent to.
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