Genesis Pass

Rewarding loyalty with improved access to IDOs & staking rewards.

To reward its most loyal investors, GPool introduced the Genesis Pass (GPass), a reward scheme that gives increasing benefits to investors who hold and stake their GPool tokens.

There are three levels to the GPass with Gold being the highest. Automatic Gold GPasses were given to those investors joining GPool at its inception, purchasing tokens in our IDO.

GPass Entry Requirement

A Gold GPass got provided to investors who joined GPool at inception. New investors who want to join the GPool community must stake $1,000 worth of GPool tokens to receive a Bronze GPass. Staking your tokens for 50 days will turn your Bronze GPass into a Silver GPass, and when you reach 100 days, the Silver turns into a Gold GPass.

GPass recalculation can be viewed here

Priority Whitelisting

GPool's unique approach to working with projects from an early stage often provides enough pre-sale tokens for 1st and 2nd rounds.

In both rounds, Gold GPass holders are given priority over other GPass holders. Gold GPass holders with the most staked tokens get the first allocation, and we work back from there.

If round 1 doesn't get fully subscribed, round 2 goes ahead. GPass holders get prioritized for both round 1 and round 2. Non-GPass holders can participate in an IDO if GPass holders don't fill the subscription.

Forfeiting the GPass

Your GPass gets cancelled when you un-stake the tokens. If an investor wishes to reactivate their GPass, they will need to re-stake $1,000 worth of GPool tokens to receive a Bronze GPass.

When a GPass holder votes' yes' for a project to move through to the fundraising stage, they automatically get added to the round one allowlist. If the member votes' yes' and receives a confirmation of their round one allotment but doesn't take the allotment, their GPass gets downgraded one level.

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