GPool's partnerships are integral to helping new projects get connected with everything they need.


Glitch Finance is a blockchain operating system purpose-built for decentralized money market transactions. Glitch chose GPool to be the first recipient of their Glitch Grants Program. The Glitch grant provided $50,000 to help kickstart GPool and create a strong working relationship between the DeFi projects. Winning this grant made GPool the preferred launchpad platform for the Glitch Blockchain.

Single-sided staking

GPool's single-sided staking platform allows investors to stake their GPool tokens to earn rewards in all tokens launched via GPool.

The $50,000 grant GPool won also included 50,000 $GLCH tokens. The tokens were supplied for rewards in the staking platform for the GPool community. From an investor's perspective, when they stake $GPOOL they earn rewards in $GPOOL and $GLCH, along with all other tokens from the IDOs. All rewards get distributed in a ratio to the GPass loyalty scheme.

Note: All $GLCH holders that joined the allowlist for the $GPOOL raise, were automatically given a Gold GPass.


Hacken is a world-class smart contract and blockchain auditing company. Hacken has worked with companies such as Coingecko,, FTX, VeChain and 1inch, to name just a few. GPool partnered with Hacken to provide security auditing and code optimization on all aspects of GPool's current digital ecosystem.

Additionally, GPool became the first launchpad to offer audits by Hacken as part of the IDO process. This critical step ensures that projects under consideration by the GPool community get built, and security tested to the highest possible standard. From Hacken's perspective, this partnership puts them in touch with multiple projects, increasing their brand awareness in the crypto space.

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