At launch, we undertook a progressive, retail-friendly token distribution.

Since its inception, the core of GPool's philosophy has been to put retail investors first. GPool is committed to the principle that retail investors participating in IDOs, should be able to buy sizable allocations of pre-sale tokens.

This founding philosophy drove GPool to undertake the most progressive, retail-friendly token distribution possible. The GPool token launch in August 2021 allocated 67% of all tokens for purchase by our investor community. The initial raise was fully subscribed, with every investor allocated 1000 USDT as a minimum. There was no seed or private investment round.

How was the remaining 33% of tokens allocated?

GPool got listed on Uniswap at launch, but we always planned to list the token on other decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Listing GPool on each new DEX requires liquidity, with 13% of tokens set aside for this purpose.

We allocated 13% for ongoing marketing activities and 5% for current and future team members. We made the final 2% available to the community as rewards for GPool token holders via our staking platform.

Secondary Market

Some important notes about the GPOOL token are as follows:

  1. At launch, there were less than 1000 wallet holders.

  2. Most wallets plan to hold their tokens in the staking pool to maintain their GPass.

  3. The number of tokens on the secondary market is scarce. Most GPool holders stake their tokens for the long term to keep receiving rewards and remain active in the community.

  4. Tokens were initially only available on Uniswap.

  5. To participate in GPool's IDOs, new investors need to hold GPool tokens in their wallets, but for a guaranteed allocation, they must stake their tokens and secure a GPass.

  6. The amount of GPool required to stake recalculates depending on the $1000 value of $GPOOL, which creates buying pressure on the token every time IDO gets announced.

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