Genesis Pool
Glitch Partnership & Grant
A fantastic partnership between two progressive crypto companies
Glitch Finance, a blockchain-based operating system purpose-built for money market decentralized financial activity has chosen Genesis Pool launchpad to be the first recipient of their newly introduced Glitch Grants Program. This $50,000 grant will kickstart a strong working relationship between these two fast growing DeFi projects and will make GPool the preferred launchpad platform for the Glitch Blockchain.

About Glitch Finance

Glitch Finance is the team behind the groundbreaking Glitch Protocol blockchain; an incredibly fast, interoperable, blockchain-agnostic protocol that has a singular focus on running decentralized financial applications and trustless money markets.
The Glitch Protocol is built with industry-leading transaction speeds, a sub-second block time latency rate and an innovative reward mechanism that incentivizes community support for all ecosystem participants, ensuring low transaction fees. It is also fully interoperable and users can swap assets between the Glitch ecosystem and different blockchains with one-of-kind bridging infrastructure.
Glitch Protocol is also fully democratic and decentralized, utilizing a decay delegated proof of stake system to guarantee that no individual gains control of the network.

Working with the Glitch team

GPool’s development, aided by this generous grant, will allow it to build one of the most advanced DeFi launchpads in the sector with a unique single-sided staking platform and a bridge which will allow the launchpad to facilitate raises for DeFi projects across all blockchains.

Single-sided staking

GPool’s single-sided staking platform, built in conjunction with the Glitch team, will allow investors to stake their $GPOOL tokens while earning rewards in multiple tokens that launch their IDO on the platform (see later).
The $50,000 grant will also include a total of 50,000 $GLCH tokens to be given out as rewards in the GPool staking platform. From an investors perspective, this means that by staking $GPOOL you will be able to earn rewards in $GPOOL, $GLCH, and three other tokens from the IDO’s that will launch in quick succession after the GPool raise. All of these rewards will be distributed in an equal ratio with respect to the GPass loyalty scheme, that was announced recently.
All $GLCH holders that whitelist for the $GPOOL raise, will automatically be given the Gold GPass, enabling them to receive the highest rewards from the staking pool.


In March, Glitch successfully launched their bridge for token swapping between the ERC20 to BEP20. GPool will work in conjunction with the Glitch team to create a bridge which stands in line with their vision of complete interoperability and facilitating raises for DeFi projects across all existing blockchains. A more detailed announcement about this will be released soon.
Project that wants to develop a product on the Glitch blockchain can initiate a raise with through GPool. A G-wrapped token which will be used for the staking rewards can be claimed using the bridge to send the tokens back to the native network using the bridge.
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